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Forgive me….

I know….it has been a while since my last post, i have been so busy. I am determined to make this year so different from the last and start ticking things off my list so that is why i have not been around much lately. So….i have started a new blog, which i hope you all have at least checked out – you never know you might like it, i am also starting a businesswhich has me really busy right now. There is so much to do and it’s that that makes me so much more determined to get it all done, tinted to my perfection. Things are going really well at the moment – i have created a new blog for the business which i am also working on.

I have had a really good start to the year so far, my mind is so focused and when your in that mode the feeling is unreal. I have noticed though that my poetry flow has come to a bit of a halt which is slightly frustrating me. The ideas are there but getting them down on paper is what I’m finding difficult. I guess i have to learn to channel my thoughts more, i am so focused on everything i am trying to make a success right now that my mind is not really open to anything else.

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