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The Warrior Within

Within me lies a warrior
silent like the night
with a vigorous strength
not yet fully revealed to me

She feeds on your weakness
which to you are not aware
is the ugly side of a deeper you
a side i didn’t know was there

Intrigued by your logic
I let you go your way
but beware i sit back and watch
like a predator hunting their prey

The battles yours
yet the victory will be mine
for the warrior fights within
together she and i make a stand
together we are unstoppable.

                    Written by Leonie Isaacs

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I burn with anger
I’m riddled with pain
Lost and confused
Unheard, not thought of

From anger sprouts strength
I learn and i grow
I have untangled myself from your web
I am now free to go
To go and be me
To go and do me
To go and be free

                                                 Written by Leonie Isaacs

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Todays Haiku

I’m freeing myself
from this emotional pain
you have brought to me.

                               Written by Leonie Isaacs

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