Exploration of The MIND

A journey of discovery

Poems of love

  A letter to you from me

Written by Leonie Isaacs

Is it me
am I seeking something that is not there

I love you
I do
But I worry that what you tell me is not true

Call me stupid if you must
maybe I am paranoid
maybe its all in my head

Pain and deceit have always seemed to follow me
with each person I meet
each  person I give my heart to

you hold the key
as for me for there’s only you
but for you, is there only me
am I all you see
or do your eyes wonder
does your mind ever take you somewhere else
away from me

You tell me you love me
and part of me believes you do
but there is still something inside me that believes that what you say is not true

You’ve lied to me when you’ve felt you had to before
yet maybe I shouldn’t dwell on that anymore
maybe it is true
what’s done was then
what’s here is now

You tell me you love me
you show me you do
no longer will I believe that what you say is not true

As we’ve  journeyed, I have grown
I have  now realised
It is me

Allow yourself to be loved
and you will be loved
allow yourself to be hurt
and you will be hurt

Here I am
letting go
for now I know
I’ve done all I can do
I re-opened  my heart and allowed you back through
now it’s down to you

As I said
you hold the key
what happens from here on, is know longer up to me

Everyone deserves a second chance
now it’s down to you
but know more will I cry
feel afraid, or paranoid
allow you to hurt me
or to lie whilst looking me in my eyes

Now I can see
you only receive, what you allow to be given
so trust you I must
believe you I will
for as we have journeyed, I have grown
I have grown to see
that as well as loving you
I also love me


I wish i could tell you

written by Leonie Isaacs

I stand here and I watch you from afar
The elegance in your stride still takes my breath away
The power of your beauty is overwhelming
You silence a room with your presence
Radiating an aura of serenity gracing everyone you walk by

I stalk you with my eyes and devour you with my mind

Your glance moves waves inside me
Flooding my soul with overpowering emotions

For you I feel something I cannot fully understand
A feeling that haunts my mind and controls my body
A feeling that gives me such pleasure I freely allow it to take control
I allow it total domination

A feeling that gives me complete ecstasy of my thoughts

I stand here and I watch you from afar
The sparkle in your eyes
The curve of your lips
And the swing in your hips

You radiate a warm glow highlighting the perfection of your beauty

I take you in my arms
And together we float off into the distance
Sweet kisses under the moonlight
Images of a life filled with abundant joy and laughter
Florescent love and treasured moments
Form the reflection of a slideshow in your eyes

The magnificence of love is forever revealed to me when I look at you
For you I hold an uncontainable feeling which I struggle to keep buried within
As it continues to dig eager to reach the surface
For now I continue to stand here and watch you from afar
Hoping that one day I can find the words to tell you.

COPYRIGHT © Leonie Isaacs 2008


  1. This writing is beautiful, elegant, real, deep, touching, heart warming, down to the bone emotion. I love it; you have a true gift, keep doing what you do.

    Comment by tjefferson85 | November 28, 2008 | Reply

  2. Wow,now thats what you call a compliment. Thanks Tony.

    Comment by Leonie | November 29, 2008 | Reply

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