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I love experimenting with light and shade, here’s a few i took recently.



For Christmas i received a Nikon D60 as a gift from my partner, i have not fully learnt to use it to my advantage yet but i have experimented with it a little. Here are a few pictures i took of  the Antarctic weather conditions we faced in February

 And heres a few of my handsome little man…

These i love because of the way the light catches his face, defining his expression.




I finally brought some film for my camera. I think part the reason it has taken me so long, is because of some sort of fear that i had to pick it up again. I did a photography course at college about 5 years ago now, and most of what i was taught i have forgotten. My life has changed a lot since then and i have taken on so much other stuff that i have never really pursued my passion.
Over the years i have brought a few cameras, mostly old one’s as i love vintage cameras, and i have done some reading on photography here and there. I realise that i have some work to do, but i feel that’s what makes it exciting.I love the beauty that you can capture in a photo, and the stories that you can tell.
My style is generally Landscape, and i prefer Black and White, although i have not worked with Black and White photography for a while. So i am just going to start right from the beginning, with any style of photography.
Here are a few that i took today, i was just messing about with lighting, and the effect that i could create.






I took these this morning with my old digital camera.








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