Exploration of The MIND

A journey of discovery


I’m sinking in an ocean of despair
mixed emotions swim around me
my lungs filling up with immense feelings of disgust
not able to understand how one who was given so much trust could betray hers.

How could you?
How could you rob her of her innocence?
I feel like I’m chocking on revulsion

You hear about this all the time, but when it comes so close you realise just how real it is.
Trying to come to terms with everything seems impossible
for knowing that this is something that is now engraved in her mind shreds me up inside.

What you have done will haunt us all for the rest of our lives
and yet you will go on as if nothings happened, not giving a damn about the pain you’ve caused.

I don’t know where to turn, how to be or how to feel
all i know is everyday, for her i must paint on this smile and build a weight under my shoulder for her to lean on and remain strong
I must remain strong for her.

                                                                   Singed Leonie Isaacs

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