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My detox + new things on the horizon

On January 1st i decided to go meat free for a month. I am so proud of myself as the challenge hasn’t been much of one at all. For someone who has always loved meat so much – i have found it so easy and I’m not sure if  I’m even going to go back to eating meat. I feel a lot more healthy and energised than i did when i was eating meat, as i am eating  a lot more fish, pulses, lentils and veg. It’s great what a detox can do for you – how it can make you feel.
I watched a programme the other day which was talking about cheap food. It was looking at meat and the content of certain foods such as pies, sausages and other foods which contained meat, and it was just informing you of how much meat they actually contained and what else they contained that we may have not been aware of.  Because of the ” Credit Crunch” some of us have been reduced to buying supermarket brand foods but are not fully aware of the price we are having to pay for eating these foods, as the meat and nutritional content is extremely low. Supermarkets are putting emphasis on the price of supermarket own brand foods to entice people to buy them yet the content of some of these foods is disturbing. Because of the predicament the decision between choosing healthier  foods or affordable food is for some – not really much of a choice at all, as healthier options are becoming more and more expensive. Health concerns and obesity is constantly being publicized yet we are left with not really much of a choice to buy these cheaper foods that are full of salt, high in fat and contain processed meat. We are having to chose to buy cheap food over the consideration of our health! I think that’sdisgusting. I have opted to buying vegetarian foods for a while now, such as sausages, burgers, pies etc. For these i know are going to be soya based and not processed meat, and for me – there is not really much difference in taste. Obviously at first there is, but then you don’t notice it. So a lot the freezer food i buy is Quorn, Lynda McCartney or any other meat free range.



I am in the process of  starting my own business from home and will soon be introducing you to a new blog i am starting which will contain up to date information on the business – which by the way is a online Jewelery store – ladies.

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A world of our own


Escape with me
to a land where the sky is milky blue and the trees rain pink cotton petals.
Where the only existence is US
The air smells sublimely warm with a faint linger of vanilla – tantalizing

A paradise of distant dreams
an undiscovered world
unique to our creation
formed by – that is -LOVE

Take my hand
and I’ll show you the way to a world where everything is possible.

                                                                            Written by Leonie Isaacs

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The Futures BRIGHT!



I must say this week has been pretty good. I have taken up drawing again and have recently started learning to paint too- Watercolor mostly. I used to draw when i was younger-it was a really big hobby of mine. But i just stopped, i never really felt that i was that good, therefore wouldn’t really get anywhere with it, which is what i had always hoped to do. But i felt i should give myself a chance, and decided not to give up before I’ve really begun. So i am now teaching myself. I hope to set up my own site soon presenting my Art.
I get a divine inner peace when creating, It’s wonderful. Don’t get me wrong – it’s the same when i write too, but it’s different when I’m drawing . I feel like that’s where I’m meant to be – that’s what I’m meant to be doing. Being able to visually express the wonders of my mind – to create a world through your eyes….is bliss. I have improved a lot and am extremely excited to see where it will take me.
It’s great to just allow yourself to be totally free, and just do the things that you love doing – you know, really going for it. There are so many things that i have always wanted to do, so many things that i have always wanted to try or take up. But I’ve just never done them, I’ve always stuck to the things that i know, the things I’m already good at. Preventing myself from really trying anything new. Now i regularly ask myself – Am i giving myself a chance? Am i still doubting my abilities? When i feel that I’m sliding towards -Yes, quickly i pull myself up by the collar and rubbish away any thoughts of self doubt. And the results are great.
Are you giving yourself a chance?

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A fresh start

So…were nearly 2 weeks into the new year and I’ve been quite busy. I have been putting things in order and basically working out where I’m going to start with all the plans I’ve made. I must say i feel great and extremely optimistic.
I received a digital SLR camera as a gift and so i have decided to take a photography course and make my passion for photography more than a hobby. I am not going to list to you everything that i am trying to do at the moment, but i will say watch this space, as i will inform you of my progress. This year i have decided that I’m not going to put aside my fears and start doing the things that i have always wanted to do, yet never thought i would be good at.

It saddens and irritates me that some people are so stuck in their ways. It’s a new year now, and i refuse to accept the same bullshit that i took from other people last year. This is a fresh start for me in many ways, but you always have those people that seem to still want to try and weigh you down – people close to me that seem to think i never get tired.
Well, new years eve i made a lot of promises to myself. I choose not to call them resolutions this year as i never seem to stick to them, but i know that if i made promises to myself i wouldn’t break them. Amongst my many promises, was the promise that i would start thinking more about myself, and accept know less than respect from anybody.  If i pay you respect then i don’t see why i should not receive the same in return. I became increasingly tired of giving certain people chance after chance-listening to excuses and lies and rubbish, only to be constantly disrespected by those close to me. So i decided NO MORE. I decided to reevaluate certain friendships and other relationships. I have taken full control of my life, and decided i am now longer doing or being to please others. And those who do not like it know what they can do. Since making this perfectly clear i have noticed a change in the attitude of those around me and also in myself. I am now not so busy worrying the state of certain matters caused by others, its like a part of me has let go and almost doesn’t really care anymore. I spent so long caring and trying to make things right and got no where, so now I’m just going to think about me. I think that’s fair enough.

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