Exploration of The MIND

A journey of discovery

My short poetic expressions


Take my hand and come with me
On a journey of discovery
I am the lock and you are the key
Together we live eternally.
                            Untitled by Leonie Isaacs


Embrace this gift which I give to you
My heart is no longer just mine
It is now yours too.

                          Untitled by Leonie Isaacs


The existence of time
floats on an empty line
for there is no end to this magical bliss

Together we float on a lake of milky blue
kissed by the moonlight
still is the night
and warm is the breeze that is gentle to the touch
and dances delicately across my skin.

                                                  Untitled by Leonie Isaacs


Lets create a symphony
as we dance between the sheets                              bodies-entwined4               
our bodies create rhythmic waves
and our souls entwine.                      

                              Untitled by Leonie Isaacs











COPYRIGHT © Leonie Isaacs 2008


  1. Please let me say that your writing is not only exceptional and touching but beautiful as well; the emotions you convey and images you conjure up with words are… well they are really just beautiful!
    Please write more
    Lennie x

    Comment by lenniemelvin | November 5, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks a lot for your comment Lennie, it is highly appreciated.

    Comment by Leonie | November 6, 2008 | Reply

  3. Inspiring and emotional I like the short simplistic touch of your writing. I really took a liking to these poems and they show a soft sensual side of you.

    Comment by tjefferson85 | November 28, 2008 | Reply

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