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Todays Haiku

Shackled by your chains
restraints hold me at the root
of my destiny.

                       Written by Leonie Isaacs 

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I burn with anger
I’m riddled with pain
Lost and confused
Unheard, not thought of

From anger sprouts strength
I learn and i grow
I have untangled myself from your web
I am now free to go
To go and be me
To go and do me
To go and be free

                                                 Written by Leonie Isaacs

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Todays Haiku

I’m freeing myself
from this emotional pain
you have brought to me.

                               Written by Leonie Isaacs

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Todays Haiku

Crisp is the morning
frosty air hovers,pure,fresh
pure serenity.

                             Written by Leonie Isaacs

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I have recently taken a large interest in Haiku Poetry, something i have never heard of before. Haiku is a form of japanese poetry. It is a poem of 3 lines, which captures a fleeting image, a sense of beauty, wonder or sadness. It consists of only 17 syllables. The first line containing 5, the second 7 and the third 5. A haiku does not ryhme. Haiku poets write about everyday things, usually using simple words and grammer.

I feel that the beauty of this style is the challenge to successfully put the poems meaning and imagery in the readers mind in only 17 syllables over just 3 lines.

Here are a few that i liked.

Over the wintry
forest, winds howl in rage
with no leaves to blow.

Written by Natsume Soseki

Stormy clouds approach
Foamy tides washing ashore
Passing storms allure

Written by Carmen C. Adams

The moment two bubbles
are united, they both vanish.
A lotus blooms. 

Written by Kijo Murakami

Night, and the moon!
My neighbor, playing on his flute –
out of tune!

Written by Kójó

I have set my self the task of writting at least one Haiku poem a day, based on something i have seen that day or something that took place that day. This will commence from tomorrow 🙂

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