Exploration of The MIND

A journey of discovery

Two halves of a different kind



Twisted excursions of the mind
Denote something of a different kind
A hidden self lost within
Free to roam
Unconscious of sin

How does one escape themselves
When deep within
Lies someone else
A stranger
Yet a part of you
Another being, which makes you two

Behind the dark
I hear your cries
Beyond it all
I hear your call
Torn between my frame of mind
I don’t know where to turn it all

What’s more than lonely
But an empty space
An unknown indifference
Creates a void
As distorted minds
Strive to find
Something of a different kind

Who am I
But not me
Am I you
Is there a we
Maybe to discover you
First I must discover me!

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I sit alone in my room
A solitude of confinement
Yet my haven from all the outside mess.
Predators knocking at my door
Waiting to consume me off my sanity.

I sit alone in my room
A solitude of confinement
My hiding place from the hell
that awaits me
The hell that continuously beats at my door

Running i can’t do no more
So here I’ll hide safe behind my door
Untill courage
prevails trepidation
And no longer will the door be my shield
But the key to my freedom

But for now i’ll continue to sit alone in my room
My solitude of confinement
My haven from all the outside mess.

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The Warrior Within

Within me lies a warrior
silent like the night
with a vigorous strength
not yet fully revealed to me

She feeds on your weakness
which to you are not aware
is the ugly side of a deeper you
a side i didn’t know was there

Intrigued by your logic
I let you go your way
but beware i sit back and watch
like a predator hunting their prey

The battles yours
yet the victory will be mine
for the warrior fights within
together she and i make a stand
together we are unstoppable.

                    Written by Leonie Isaacs

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I burn with anger
I’m riddled with pain
Lost and confused
Unheard, not thought of

From anger sprouts strength
I learn and i grow
I have untangled myself from your web
I am now free to go
To go and be me
To go and do me
To go and be free

                                                 Written by Leonie Isaacs

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