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I must say this week has been pretty good. I have taken up drawing again and have recently started learning to paint too- Watercolor mostly. I used to draw when i was younger-it was a really big hobby of mine. But i just stopped, i never really felt that i was that good, therefore wouldn’t really get anywhere with it, which is what i had always hoped to do. But i felt i should give myself a chance, and decided not to give up before I’ve really begun. So i am now teaching myself. I hope to set up my own site soon presenting my Art.
I get a divine inner peace when creating, It’s wonderful. Don’t get me wrong – it’s the same when i write too, but it’s different when I’m drawing . I feel like that’s where I’m meant to be – that’s what I’m meant to be doing. Being able to visually express the wonders of my mind – to create a world through your eyes….is bliss. I have improved a lot and am extremely excited to see where it will take me.
It’s great to just allow yourself to be totally free, and just do the things that you love doing – you know, really going for it. There are so many things that i have always wanted to do, so many things that i have always wanted to try or take up. But I’ve just never done them, I’ve always stuck to the things that i know, the things I’m already good at. Preventing myself from really trying anything new. Now i regularly ask myself – Am i giving myself a chance? Am i still doubting my abilities? When i feel that I’m sliding towards -Yes, quickly i pull myself up by the collar and rubbish away any thoughts of self doubt. And the results are great.
Are you giving yourself a chance?

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