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Todays Quote!

Action is the food and drink which will nourish my success.

Og Mandino


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Remember that place we used to go
over the hill and down the way
That place where secret moments lay hidden
and distant memories are stored away

Under the moonlight we lay
amidst the blanket of the warm night sky
delicately the stars came out to play

The tale of a forbidden love
lead to the retreat to our secret hideaway
where there we stayed
tucked right away
Locking out the world
keeping watchful eyes at bay

Remember that place
we used to go
over the hill
and down the way
For there’s a story to be told
about that place where secret moments lay hidden
and distant memories are stored away.


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I sit alone in my room
A solitude of confinement
Yet my haven from all the outside mess.
Predators knocking at my door
Waiting to consume me off my sanity.

I sit alone in my room
A solitude of confinement
My hiding place from the hell
that awaits me
The hell that continuously beats at my door

Running i can’t do no more
So here I’ll hide safe behind my door
Untill courage
prevails trepidation
And no longer will the door be my shield
But the key to my freedom

But for now i’ll continue to sit alone in my room
My solitude of confinement
My haven from all the outside mess.

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Quote of the day

It is this belief in a power larger than myself and other than myself which allows me to venture into the unknown and even the unknowable.

Maya Angelou

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Finding a place called home


So i finally feel like I’ve done it. I can now look all those that judged and criticized me, in the faces and say “Ha, look at me now.” So – called friends, family, my so – called father. Things are going so great it makes me beam with Joy. In the past year a lot has happened some of which you’ll know about, and i just wanna thank all those that doubted me, that did me wrong and those that hated on me. You know why…..? Because you have helped me to release a strength i never knew was there, without all the upheaval over the past year i would not be where i am now. So thanks 🙂
I don’t understand some people. They want to cuss you if your not going anywhere, if your not doing anything with yourself, but then when you are they still want to cuss you. You think your better than them because your doing something with your life, because you have plans, hopes, dreams. If they put that energy that they used to judge and criticize you on themselves, then they too may reach a point where they can be happy with there lives and themselves.

This Saturday i celebrate 5 years with my partner. To some of you that may not seem like anything big but to me that’s huge. There were times that i wondered if we’d get this far and i know a few people that never thought we would and are still hoping that we probably won’t go much further, and to them i politely present my middle finger!
For me, it’s because so much has gone on and it just amazes me that we always manage to come through it. We managed to resolve one issue that seemed to resolve everything and now things feel stronger than ever…..anyway my point here being that, i guess sometimes the test of true love is not always the battles you face but it’s the ones you don’t. It’s the things that go unsaid, the issues you never knew were really there. It’s recognizing them. I was so blinded by issues in front of my eyes that i never actually realised that that was not the root of the problem, it was something i didn’t even notice was there, therefore i couldn’t see it.

Now i feel at peace with everything, with myself, with life, and with my relationship. I know that i will still reach a few more bumps along my journey but i am extremely grateful for the smooth ride now.

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The Warrior Within

Within me lies a warrior
silent like the night
with a vigorous strength
not yet fully revealed to me

She feeds on your weakness
which to you are not aware
is the ugly side of a deeper you
a side i didn’t know was there

Intrigued by your logic
I let you go your way
but beware i sit back and watch
like a predator hunting their prey

The battles yours
yet the victory will be mine
for the warrior fights within
together she and i make a stand
together we are unstoppable.

                    Written by Leonie Isaacs

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Forgive me….

I know….it has been a while since my last post, i have been so busy. I am determined to make this year so different from the last and start ticking things off my list so that is why i have not been around much lately. So….i have started a new blog, which i hope you all have at least checked out – you never know you might like it, i am also starting a businesswhich has me really busy right now. There is so much to do and it’s that that makes me so much more determined to get it all done, tinted to my perfection. Things are going really well at the moment – i have created a new blog for the business which i am also working on.

I have had a really good start to the year so far, my mind is so focused and when your in that mode the feeling is unreal. I have noticed though that my poetry flow has come to a bit of a halt which is slightly frustrating me. The ideas are there but getting them down on paper is what I’m finding difficult. I guess i have to learn to channel my thoughts more, i am so focused on everything i am trying to make a success right now that my mind is not really open to anything else.

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New Blog!

I would like to announce that i have started a new blog which you can check out here. It is called “A young woman’s relationship with God”. I thought i should create one seeing as He is such a big part of my life, so do check it out and let me know what you think.

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My detox + new things on the horizon

On January 1st i decided to go meat free for a month. I am so proud of myself as the challenge hasn’t been much of one at all. For someone who has always loved meat so much – i have found it so easy and I’m not sure if  I’m even going to go back to eating meat. I feel a lot more healthy and energised than i did when i was eating meat, as i am eating  a lot more fish, pulses, lentils and veg. It’s great what a detox can do for you – how it can make you feel.
I watched a programme the other day which was talking about cheap food. It was looking at meat and the content of certain foods such as pies, sausages and other foods which contained meat, and it was just informing you of how much meat they actually contained and what else they contained that we may have not been aware of.  Because of the ” Credit Crunch” some of us have been reduced to buying supermarket brand foods but are not fully aware of the price we are having to pay for eating these foods, as the meat and nutritional content is extremely low. Supermarkets are putting emphasis on the price of supermarket own brand foods to entice people to buy them yet the content of some of these foods is disturbing. Because of the predicament the decision between choosing healthier  foods or affordable food is for some – not really much of a choice at all, as healthier options are becoming more and more expensive. Health concerns and obesity is constantly being publicized yet we are left with not really much of a choice to buy these cheaper foods that are full of salt, high in fat and contain processed meat. We are having to chose to buy cheap food over the consideration of our health! I think that’sdisgusting. I have opted to buying vegetarian foods for a while now, such as sausages, burgers, pies etc. For these i know are going to be soya based and not processed meat, and for me – there is not really much difference in taste. Obviously at first there is, but then you don’t notice it. So a lot the freezer food i buy is Quorn, Lynda McCartney or any other meat free range.



I am in the process of  starting my own business from home and will soon be introducing you to a new blog i am starting which will contain up to date information on the business – which by the way is a online Jewelery store – ladies.

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A world of our own


Escape with me
to a land where the sky is milky blue and the trees rain pink cotton petals.
Where the only existence is US
The air smells sublimely warm with a faint linger of vanilla – tantalizing

A paradise of distant dreams
an undiscovered world
unique to our creation
formed by – that is -LOVE

Take my hand
and I’ll show you the way to a world where everything is possible.

                                                                            Written by Leonie Isaacs

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