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Sometimes we allow ourselves to get so tangled up in matters of life – whether it be love,work,finances, that we lose sight of who we are.
Sometimes we get thrown so far off track that we have to re-discover ourselves. And sometimes our journey of discovery is something new to us, for we never really figured out who we were in the first place.
Whichever may apply to you, if any, the focal point here is that among the chaos you always have to remember YOU. No one else can be there for you better than you can be there for yourself. Building and maintaining that relationship with yourself can be really difficult for some of us, even more so than building a relationship with someone else. But unless we have first built that relationship with ourselves, maintaining that relationship with someone else can be even more difficult. The same instance applies to everything really, work, your children, friendships, if your not whole with yourself  this in some way can affect all areas of your life in regards to how you handle certain situations or letting certain situations handle you.

I speak with a dear friend of mine in mind whilst writing this post. She is someone who i believe has never fully discovered herself. And now that children have been thrown into the equation, she has sort of become a little lost. She has allowed a lot of people in her life to walk all over her because she has never built that relationship with herself, therefore she does not allow herself to receive that level of respect that she deserves. She is also very self doubting in such a way that it’s not very nice to hear. And one of her favourite words seems to be “can’t”. She has kid’s so she hasn’t got the time, so she “can’t” do this and she “can’t” do that. She is basically in a state where i just want to shake her and say “OK so you have kid’s and a husband so what, this does not make you less capable of doing anything that you want to do. You should always have time for you,and if things are a little chaotic – find that time. Find that time to work on that relationship with yourself.”

I have my partner who i love dearly and my gorgeous son who is so precious to me. And i know that in order to be there for them in the way i should and the way i feel i should, i need to keep focus of who i am. I need to always remember me, and give myself that time i deserve to be me. If i didn’t then eventually i would crumble, then what would that leave for them, for my son. Despite saying this, before them…there was just me. This is something i and all of us have to remember.

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  1. Hi. I came across your blog when I searched ‘writing’ on Blog Catalog.

    I have enjoyed reading your post, but, for me anyway, it would be easier to read if you had spaces between your paragraphs.

    Comment by Ian | April 6, 2009 | Reply

    • Thanks for stopping by,yeah sorry it’s true – spaces would have made it easier on the eyes.

      Comment by Leonie Isaacs | April 6, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thats’ better! Much easier to read, thank you.

    Comment by Ian | April 6, 2009 | Reply

  3. Amen! The relationship with ourselves is the most important one. And while I understand your friend’s situation, you’re absolutely right. She can find time for herself if she really wants to. In fact, it’s mandatory. Unless you take some time out for yourself, you’ll never really feel satisfied. All you’ll experience is a big overwhelming feeling.

    Comment by Monique | April 15, 2009 | Reply

  4. very true. first time visiting the blog, but i like what i’m reading. will be back for more.

    Comment by Russell | July 9, 2009 | Reply

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