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I have been “tagged” by a friend of mine named Jerry, who might i add, has given me so many words of encouragement and support which i have highly appreciated, and who’s blog i really enjoy following.
The point of the game is to list 8 things about myself that few, if any, people know about me.
Great….. i have struggled to think of what i can tell you, without being to revealing, what i haven’t told you already. I’m sure the point of the game is really a dare to reveal my innermost secrets, which I’m not about to do. I mean…..come on now. But i can give you a “sneak peek” from my little black book of secrets.

  1. I’m a big kid at heart and love watching cartoons, my favourites being, “Tom and Jerry”, “As told by Ginger” and “Arthur”. The only people who know that is my mum and my partner.
  2. I’m quite an emotional person and can easily cry when watching one of my “chick flicks”, or whilst getting caught up in one of my soaps.
  3. I absolutely LOVE Marilyn Monroe. It’s sort of a crazy fascination to be honest, and i have mementos of her all around my flat.
  4. I sleep on the left side of the bed. (couldn’t have it any other way)
  5. Now this is something that NO body knows, i have this weird thing when ever I’m putting my shoes or socks on i always…and i mean always have put the right foot on first, it’s something i have always done. Not particularly fascinating i know, but no one knows that.
  6. I have been looking into courses to learn Portuguese in the new year. I Have always wished that i was fluent in another language, so i thought i should finally take that step and book a course or find a tutor.
  7. I am teaching myself how to watercolour paint. I have not been doing it for very long and can only do it in my spare time, which i don’t have much of but i have thought of an idea where i can link painting with my poetry.
  8. I have always wanted to write children’s books, but i have never really given it enough thought to actually do it. I think i should because i believe I’d really good at it.

And there you are, my 8 mini secrets. I know i am know supposed to tag someone else but i thought i would leave the game open to who ever feels like jumping in and revealing their 8 mini secrets by replying to this post.

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  1. What is it that makes the left side of bed so irresistible? :))

    I’m so really glad you decided pick up the ball, and thank you VERY MUCH for the words of appreciation 🙂

    Comment by Jerry Adams | December 5, 2008 | Reply

  2. I don’t know no what is about the left side, but for some reason i can’t sleep on the right.

    Comment by Leonie | December 6, 2008 | Reply

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