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Todays Haiku

Frosty Gusts of wind
howl through streets where people
scurry to retreat


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And i’m back



I have not been very consistent with my entries for about a week now, but for some reason, lately my mind has been blank. Usually I’m riddled with thoughts that i struggle to understand yet alone contain, so i write them down and use them to create pieces of writing. But this, this was beyond writers block. It was as if my mind was empty, I’d try to create something but it was like i was staring at a brick wall. Like when you want to speak but you have no words.
I literally had no thoughts, which has never happened before. I was going day by day but nothing was going on up here. For the first time ever i was lost in my mind, secluded from my thoughts.
I don’t know where i was but it is not a place i want to be again.

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