Exploration of The MIND

A journey of discovery

Who am I?

I thought that i should give you a little bit of an insight to me, which is why i decided to write this post. 

In the morning i wake exhilarated,excited and ready to create a productive day filled with joy, plenty of laughter and classic moments.
I arise filled with gratitude, ready to embrace the day ahead. I give thanks for every moment and grasp all my classic moments with all my inner strength.
I appreciate God, my family, friends, life, love, and most of all myself.
I have travelled a long way and because of that and all the things i have learnt along the way, i have an even further way to go.But this is a journey that i have created for i choose to be happy.I have discovered me, and i recognize the beauty in life, the beauty that surrounds me.I welcome whoever/whatever chooses to visit my path for the outcome is a choice of my own.

I love…..
rainy days
the birds who sing over us throughout our day, that go unnoticed
watching the sun enter and leave our day
Marilyn Monroe
most things vintage
might sound a bit strange but i love stationary
bright colours
horror films

I am a dreamer,who lives in a world of her own.
I am passionate about achieving my goals and freedom of expression.
I applaud those who embrace life and appreciate everyday.And those who walk dressed with a smile.I believe that life is literally what you make it.You can either choose to live everyday feeling down and depressed about what you haven’t got or start focusing your energy on what you have got, and learning to invite more of it into your life.You write your own book,you create your own path.You tell your own story.

One day i will…..
visit Thailand-some where i have always wanted to go
live in New York for a year or so
take a ride in a hot air balloon-i look forward to conquering this fear
swim with dolphins-once i learn how to swim of course.

I don’t like…..
ignorant people
bias people
size 0

By mid-day i am always in a very creative state of mind.Looking for more beauty to capture with my camera or to create with words.I love learning new things and taking on new challenges, i get a great feeling of satisfaction out of it.

I’ve always wanted to…..
learn to play the piano and the violin
meet Judy Blume-who i grew up with through her books and am a big fan of
go on a cruise-i will have to conquer my fear of water first though.

I am a…..
free spirit.

In the evening i am relaxed and grateful for a productive day, and spend a reasonable amount of time creating another one for the following day. I am always excited about tomorrow.
I believe that you should stand for what you believe, always stay focused to your dream and never give up dreaming.

Who am i?

I am me.

Singed: Leonie Isaacs


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